What IP

What IP

Network information tool


Get your IP easily

Get your device’s IP for any network interface at a glance. The time of searching what’s my ip is over.

Make sure your VPN is working

What IP shows your location based on your IP address, so that you can make sure your VPN is working.

Test your ports

List the ports listening on your system, and check if they’re publicly reachable.

Discover devices on your LAN

List all devices on your LAN, their hostname and quick shortcuts to access some well known ports.


Arch Linux

Arch Linux

View the AUR page
yay -S whatip-git


What IP is written using Python 3 and GTK. It’s free software, released under the GPL3 license. Feel free to browse the source code on the GitLab repository, fork it, make changes or open issues!


Have you found a bug? Do you want a new feature? Whatever the case, opening an issue is never a bad idea. You can do that on What IP’s issues page